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How Can You Get Canadian Permanent Residency?

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), Canada’s immigration law, Canada’s immigration system has objectives to:

  • see that families are reunited in Canada
  • support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy, in which the benefits of immigration are shared across all regions of Canada;
  • offer safe haven to persons with a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, as well as those at risk of torture or cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

Even though Canada has over 80 different immigration pathways, almost every pathway can be classified under 3 overarching classes of immigration: Family Class, Economic Class, and Refugee Class. The first step in applying for Canadian permanent residency is to understand the differences between the 3 classes to narrow down your list of possible immigration programs!

Family Class

Are you a Canadian PR or Citizen looking to sponsor a family member for Canadian Permanent Residency?

Economic Class

Do you have the skills or experience needed to help grow Canada’s economy? You may be eligible for PR.

Humanitarian & Compassionate

Not eligible for any immigration program? IRCC has the flexibility to grant permanent residence status based on H&C considerations.

Starting at $65 CAD

  • 20, 40, or 60 Minutes of In-Person or Video meeting
  • Consult with our Senior Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Ask questions you have about Canadian immigration programs
  • Understand your immigration options
  • Plan your immigration roadmap
  • If you retain our Full Representation services within 7 days of your consultation, you’ll receive a credit equivalent to your consultation fee

Application Review
Starting at $275 CAD

  • Prepare immigration applications yourself and have our Senior Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant professionally review it
  • Detailed review of application forms and supporting documents
  • Full completeness check
  • Catch errors and red flags
  • Get peace of mind with this budget-friendly service

Full Representation
Starting at $1,000 CAD

  • Your entire application prepared by a Senior Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Immigration strategy development
  • On-demand support for Q&A
  • All government forms and supporting documentation
  • Professional RCIC Submission Letter with relevant case-law
  • Submitted using our IRCC Representative Portal
  • Post submission tracking and support

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